CHAMS and Bad Day #2

Yesterday(10th January) I received a letter from CHAMS, the letter told me that on the 14th of January(next Tuesday) I was to go to the nearest CHAMS centre to me to discuss me getting CBT. I have to admit, I am quite scared of getting CBT as I am not exactly a fan of the whole “Changing the way you think”. But I am going to have to give it a go. I will make a post of what happens after I have had this appointment.

On to the second subject of this post, I often experience a few days or hours where I will be very sad, and I will cry quite a lot. Me and my form teacher at school(who is the only person who actually helps me at school) call these ‘Bad Days’. Okay, he doesn’t really do much to help me, but it is nice knowing that when I am having a bad day, he is there for me. Recently this week, I was having 2 bad days(Thursday and Friday), throughout those days I couldn’t really think of much, and even when I was thinking, it wasn’t positive thinking. Those two days I just felt like I was being eaten alive by my own mind. Sometimes in my head it’s a pretty dark place.


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