CHAMS Meeting- 14th of January

Last week I said I had a meeting with CHAMS to discuss CBT or any other form of help I can get. It didn’t really go that well, I’m not comfortable around new people who constantly ask me questions or straight on talk to me. So I made my mum do most of the talking. We talked about how my OCD is just a rapid cycle and if I got CBT, how they would try to stop my fear of metal objects. But being me, I just cried and stared out the window thinking of rabbits. My mum also discussed how she thinks I am on the Autistic Spectrum, but doesn’t want me tested because she doesn’t want me to ‘have a label’, in my opinion, I’m already labled as ‘the girl with OCD’ so it doesn’t make a big difference as I’m already labled.

Because my anixety was pretty high already, the lady who I had the meeting with didn’t see the true me, so I may have counselling sessions as I am not ready for CBT yet. I am prepared to leave behind the CBT for now, and try self help first so I can work on my own in my own time. But if self help doesn’t work, then I can either have CBT, or be out on medication. No one understands how much I’d hate to be put in medication! I have had another meeting booked for the 28th, so I will see how well that goes before I make a proper decision, but so far, I’d rather try self help so I am in complete control of everything.


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  1. ellensocdblog

    Therapy can be really difficult, but I’ve found it as the best thing in the long run for me. Everyone can find it different though. Maybe give it a little bit of time, but self help can be awesome too! Let me know how you get on. : ) xx

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