How I try to stay relaxed in stressful situations

I friend of mine asked how I try to stay relaxed and clam during stressful situations. I’ll give you an example: I go out shopping with my grandmother, and I want to buy something, but my granny won’t help me and I have to touch the metal coins in order to pay. Normally after I have touched metal, I take deep slow breaths, and repeat in my head “It will be okay, just stay calm and you will find a sink to wash your hands in, just chill”. I have to admit, I still panic a lot and I just shake my hands and I get very agitated and easily annoyed if I haven’t washed my hands yet, so people have to be careful not to get in my way when I’m out shopping and I’ve had to touch the metal coins.
After I wash my hands(I only touch metal with my left hand but I still wash them both), it’s just a huge relief, I feel happy and I feel that I have just got all my stress and anxiety out. I just go and take a huge sigh of relief and I can carry on with the rest of my day as a very chilled and relaxed person.


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