My camera

I recently got a lovely camera for Christmas from my dad. I have so many plans for my camera, Photography A-Level, YouTube Vlog/channel to go with my blog, and nail art tutorials(I’ll have different channels if this ever happens).
I think what I’d like to do with it mostly is to film small videos to go with blog posts, or even video art to go with some things on my blog(for example, my post called Insomnia, I’ll post it tomorrow!). Just covering small topics that people have requested or what I think people might want to know, it’s just filming something is better than typing, especially for someone like me with Dyslexia. I hope that I can get people to understand more about how OCD is not an adjective, or something to be used to point out someone’s quirks. I want people to know how bad Anxiety gets, and what it feels like. In my opinion, I’d love to do something like this, but would anyone actually watch them? I hope to work with the channel along side a fellow blogger, so hopefully everything will go well! 🙂

20140209-035334 PM.jpg


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