What has been happening?

This post is about two little posts I did when I was going through a really bad stage when I just constantly felt angry, I wrote them during the heat of the moment really.

I’ve been so angry lately, I just shout at people! I feel like my brain is just exploding, I’m lying in bed and darkness is taking over my mind, everything is so confusing, I’m so confused!

I want to tell my therapist, but I always lie to her and tell her everything is okay. But it’s not.

What the hell is happening to me?!

I’ve never been so angry to people in all my life.

I want to say what I think, but if I did, I’d be majorly judged and people would be horrified from how violent some of my inner thoughts are. Ugh, I have to keep everything in.

Haha, woah, I’m going crazy.

That’s all I can really say.

This one is the most recent one:

Saturday 12/ Sunday 13
Well it’s almost midnight on Saturday the 12th of April, and I’m still awake, Insomnia is troubling me again after a very long period of no interrupted sleep(Yay for good sleeping!)
Ugh, but I have been cursed with tummy pains, nausea and the feeling of someone clawing away at my insides.
Every night, before I try to go bed.
The only good thing that has happened is that my angry outbursts have calmed down, very much, I am very pleased!
I just want to sleep! I feel like poo, why have I been cursed with all this?
Earphones in, music on, time will pass, and it will soon be over.

I honestly don’t know what had been happening to me then, but I’m glad to say that everything is pretty much back to normal!

I don’t know what the point in this post is, I just thought I’d post it.


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